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Low Water Pressure – What Does it Mean?

After a long day at work, a workout session or a few hours in the sun, nothing feels better than a relaxing shower – except when you turn on the faucet to discover the water pressure is lower than usual. Depending on the age of your fixtures, and if this is a repeat problem or if it’s the first time it has happened, there are a number of reasons why your water pressure is suddenly low.

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Clogs or corrosion. If the problem is new, it could be because of buildup or corrosion in the pipes, or in the shower head or faucet itself. Try removing and cleaning the fixture first, but you may need to inspect your pipes for cleaning or to be replaced. Remember, if you don’t have any experience with your home’s plumbing, call the experts first!

Broken regulator. Your water doesn’t flow through pipes on it’s own – you get the right amount of pressure from your water pressure regulator. If your water pressure has suddenly become low after years of use, it may be time to replace or repair the regulator.

Partially closed valves. If you’ve just moved into your house and the water pressure is unusually low, you may want to double check that the water valves are fully open, allowing all water to flow through easily.

High water usage. Often low water pressure can just be from bad timing. Do you have other members of the family trying to use additional showers at the same time? Is the washing machine or dishwasher running? There may not be an issue with the system, just too much water demand at once.

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